When you boil down what we're all passionate about it's modifying our rides and being in control of the wheel(or handlebars). The badge on the front doesn't matter. What does matter is that we're all spending our hard earned money and precious time doing and sharing what we love: modifying, cruising, traveling; in short: tuning. Tunerspotting is here to build a community that understands and respects that.

At the start of 2014 a couple of automotive enthusiasts came together to build what you now see as TunerSpotting.com. Our primary goal is to provide a centralized location for enthusiasts to share and show off all the hardwork and dedication that's been put into their vehicles. Ever walk by a sexy ride in the grocery store parking lot but have no means of finding out more about the vehicle without waiting by the vehicle for the owner to return? Tuner Spotting plans to solve this by supplying free QR stickers unique to each ride as much as each ride is unique that links to a profile. These profiles are 100% controlled and edited by the vehicle owner and serve to show off your ride even when you're not there to talk it up.

No QR code on the ride? Tuner Spotting offers means to upload and share a photo you took while out in the world for the rest of the community to enjoy.

What do you say? Sign up and create a profile to begin!

Be sure to grab some Nice Ride! cards to give a token of appreciation to fellow enthusiasts!

Happy Spotting!
-The Tuner Spotting Team
Actual size: 2"w x 2.625"h
Nice Ride! Cards