1992 Infiniti M30

uploaded a photo to their 1992 Infiniti M30


added a Nissan OEM R31 Skyline digital gauge cluster to their 1992 Infiniti M30


The Infiniti M30 is a car that was sold in the US and Canada, based on the Nissan F31 Leopard. It was designed and engineered on an R31 Nissan Skyline chassis by Kozo Watanabe, the brainchild behind the R33 and R34 Nissan Skyline GTR. This car is number 003 off of the assembly line and signed by Kozo Watanabe as a signature of approval. Similar to what Carrol Shelby or Lee Iacocca did to his Mustangs. This car was build from 1989 to 1992 on an R31 skyline chassis. Which is odd because it was built along side the BNR32 Skyline GTR. Kozo Watanabe designed the F31 Leopard as a test mule for the future R-chassis skyline. It has a LHD R31 dash, and a VG30E due to emission restrictions in the US. Which is okay because it is common knowledge that for the R34 Nissan Skyline, Kozo wanted to scrap the RB engine. He wanted to be rid of the now two decade old inline 6 design. This particular car is stock but I am fitting an R31 digital dash. These were actually very high tech for their day. Including a working sport mode switch after two decades, which sharpens throttle response as well as tightens the suspension. It also has a deactivated sonar suspension system. All Infiniti M30's were fitted with a four speed automatic which is a crime for the car this is but understandable being an Infiniti luxury coupe. Nissan and Infiniti were very clever with bringing this over to see how it would sell in America. They slapped on a different body, which is basic but with cues to the R33 and 34 Skyline. The dash Infiniti garnished with a fake wood trim that is placed on there almost intentionally bad so the consumer would take it off. I have fitted a 7" Android tablet with working G-meter compared to an R35 GTR for comparison. Showing that it is actually accurate. This is my pride and joy and the mystique behind this beautiful lady in white, is what makes her so special.

  • Nissan OEM R31 Skyline digital gauge cluster

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