2006 Volkswagen Gti

Dan updated their 2006 Volkswagen Gti bio

2006 vw gti mk5


Dan added a 2006 Volkswagen Gti to their garage

2006 vw gti mk5

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Dan added 8 mods to their 2006 Volkswagen Gti

k04 kit
unitronic stage 2 software
no cats
3" to 2.5" exhaust one resonator only
3" catless down pipe
cold air intake
noise pipe delete
front mount intercooler


2006 vw gti mk5

  • front mount intercooler
  • noise pipe delete
  • cold air intake
  • 3" catless down pipe
  • 3" to 2.5" exhaust one resonator only
  • no cats
  • unitronic stage 2 software
  • k04 kit

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